Weekend Recap 9.12.16

Howdy all!

Apparently I’m in a Texan mood going back to my roots. I was born in Texas so it has to come out sometimes! So let’s giddy up and get on to the weekend recap (see what I did there?!). 

Friday night my husband really wanted to go backpacking and camping so he packed our bags and we were on the road by 7. We started hiking a little late and didn’t get to our site until about 8:30 pm. It was about a two mile hike in so we had a little bit of light to get to the site and start setting up the tent.

We went camping in a state park about twenty minutes from our home. Ethan took the lead to knock out any banana spiders on the trail and Dixie and I led the back. 

After setting the tent up I was SO HOT. Like uncomfortably hot. I don’t think we will be camping anytime soon in this Florida heat.

Dixie and I hung out in the tent before Ethan came in and we settled in by 9:30 pm. Unfortunately, I don’t think we will take Dixie on another camping trip soon because she was sniffing the tent the whole night. Literally. I should have video taped it for you all. I thought she was going to hyperventilate!

Waking up in the morning reminded me why I love camping so much. Being out in nature and waking up to such a peaceful scene is amazing and nothing else can replace it.

We got back hiking about 9 am after packing up and were home by 10:30! I loved how we got to go on a little adventure and we still had the whole weekend ahead of us!

We went out to a local restaurant for lunch- Mike’s BBQ. We both really love it- great price with great portions. 

We then headed to South Tampa to hang out in Hyde Park. We went to two new foodie places- Bartaco in Hyde Park and Mini Doughnut in Palme Ceia. Can I say delicious???? Both were places I would visit again!

I got this cauliflower taco from Bartaco which was so good and my favorite mini doughnut was French toast. 

Sunday we ended up being super lazy. After church we ate in the dining hall and came home and napped. We then had company over for a nice dinner- publix rotisserie chicken and heated sides to the rescue! After some wine and great company, we slowly winded down getting ready for the week.

What’s the most adventurous thing you did this weekend?

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