Friday Favorites 9.23.16

Good Morning, Good Morning! I have a song stuck in my head now. Not sure where it is from but I will have to thank myself later for getting a song stuck in my head all on my own.

It’s another Friday with another list of things I’m loving!

Mars Vet Wisdom Panel DNA Test


So about two weeks ago I ordered a DNA test for our Dixie dog to finally figure out what she was. The test was super easy to have Dixie take. The kit came with two swabs and a pre-posted mail slide to send the DNA swabs off to be tested. All I had to do was swab the inside of Dixie’s cheek for 15 seconds with both swabs and place it back in the container. Then I registered online and provided some information about Dixie (approximate birth date, gender, etc). The instructions were very clear! After only a week and a half of suspenseful waiting (which they said that testing could take up to three weeks after receiving the swabs) were now know what exactly the heck she is. ::Drum roll please!::

She is a complete Heinz 57 dog- meaning she has many breeds in her blood. The breakdown is as follows:

37.5% American Staffordshire Terrier

25% Labrador Retriever

12.5% Chow Chow (this was very surprising)

12.5% Boxer

12.5% Mixed breeds containing Hound, Terrier, Middle East and African, and Asian.


I was very pleased with the results and the breakdown. They even test for any DNA mutations where certain drugs might cause issues for her. Pretty cool! Lastly, they also give you at $15 off coupon to refer to a friend.

Key Lime Greek Yogurt with Walnuts


This is my go-to afternoon snack. It is tangy and crunchy and so satisfying. I also sometimes add chia seeds which are a good source of fiber.

Zac Brown Band


Ethan and I went to see ZBB this past weekend and it was SO. Much. FUN. They are amazing in concert and it was a belated birthday gift to me!

Bodyfit by Amy

I stumbled across Amy’s channel on youtube while searching for some kettlebell workouts to do. She has a bunch of awesome FREE workouts that have left me sore for days! The adds on to each move which keeps it interesting and always offers several modifications which is so helpful. If you are looking to workout at home, check her out!

The 31 Day Tone It Up Challenge


You all already know I am a fan of the tone it up girls. Well a friend on mine let me know that starting in October they are doing a special 31 day challenge. I am so up for the challenge! It’s free to join and you receive a free workout plan each week with videos. They are also adding a move each day which you have to complete 31 reps of (see what they did there?). Ha ha. PM me if you are interested in joining! I want to know who will be doing it alongside me so we can keep each other accountable!

I am off for the weekend and am looking to get rejuvenated for the week ahead. Have a great weekend everyone!

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